Will the Philadelphia 76ers Keep Andrew Bynum?



Andrew Bynum is one of the best talents in the NBA and when healthy is the second best center in the NBA and a true star. However, the healthy part has been the problem for the 25-year-old center who has only had two real injury free seasons. When the Philadelphia 76ers acquired him in the Dwight Howard to LA trade, he was considered to be a franchise cornerstone, who the team would build around. However, because of injuries, he has yet to play this season and is out for at least a few more months. It was considered a certainty that he would be given a max contract after the season, but now after his chronic knee issues are back and after barely playing this year, it will be interesting to see if a team will give him a max contract. He is a max level player when healthy, but coming off two more knee injuries, it is a risky prospect. Philadelphia may not want to spend max dollars on a health scare, so if they refuse to pay, he will move on to a team that will pay him and some team will, it is the nature of the business. If the Philly native does move on, he will have suitors and it is time to look at some real possibilities for his services.

Philadelphia 76ers

– It is simple, the 76ers can pay him the most, they want him there and few teams will let potential superstars get away. So if they pay he will stay, long-term.

Portland Trailblazers

– The Blazers tried to give Roy Hibbert a max contract last off-season, but it was matched by Indiana, so they still have the cap space to sign Bynum next summer, even after resigning Nicolas Batum. The Blazers have a star power forward in Lamarcus Aldridge and a rising star at point guard in Weber State rookie Damian Lillard and with Bynum in tow and with a stable of solid role players, Portland could become Western Conference heavyweights.

Los Angeles Lakers

– Just joking.

Cleveland Cavaliers

– The Cavaliers already have a very good center in Anderson Varajeo and have a potential starter in rookie Tyler Zeller, but they have a lot of cap space to spend and would jump at the chance to add another star to pair with Kyrie Irving. They have an owner desperate to win and they could outbid most teams for his services. He would have to at least consider it, because the Cavaliers are building something very special.

Atlanta Hawks

– After dumping Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams and with Josh Smith becoming a free agent after the season, the Hawks will have a lot of money to play with this off-season. They are a very good team, in a decent market and he would form one of the very best big-men tandems in the NBA, with All-Star Al Horford and they could finally move Horford to his natural power forward slot. They have needed a center for years and he would solve their problems and happens to be one of the very best. The Hawks said they made their trades in the off-season for a brighter future and they could find that future with Bynum on board.

Dallas Mavericks

– The Mavericks have been saving money to obtain a superstar for two years and after striking out last off-season, they will have a lot of cap space. He would be going to a winning franchise, with an owner willing to spend and could be the team’s franchise player once Dirk Nowitzki retires. Many have not talked about the Mavs as an option, but it makes sense and Cuban is known to take risks.

Charlotte Bobcats

– The chances of Bynum agreeing to join the Bobcats is spectacularly low, however they have the cap space to sign him for as much as he desires and he would instantly become the franchise player. Some players love stats and fame more than winning and if Bynum is one of those types, then Charlotte could be attractive to him.




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