Why Blake Griffin Should Not Be An All-Star

Now in his third season, Blake Griffin is considered a superstar in the NBA and has been an All-Star in his first two NBA seasons and is expected to be one for the foreseeable future. But despite the fantastic dunks and the excitement he brings, he simply is not playing at an All-Star level this year and has actually regressed. Despite this fact, he is one of the league’s most popular players and will in all likelihood be voted in by the fans, but it will be underserved.

It is no secret that the Western Conference is loaded with frontcourt talent, especially at power forward and Griffin is obviously among the elite in that category, but based on stats and efficiency he is simply not stacking up this year. There are usually around 4 big men chosen per conference and there are five Western Conference big men who are simply outplaying him.

Blake Griffin- Minutes: 33.2 – Points: 17.5- Rebounds: 8.9- Shooting Percentage: .513

Kevin Love- Minutes: 34.3- Points: 19.4 -Rebounds: 14.6 -Shooting Percentage: .356

Zach Randolph- Minutes: 36.8- Points: 17.7-  Rebounds: 13.3- Shooting Percentage: .487

Dwight Howard- Minutes: 36.1 -Points: 18.6 – Rebounds: 11.3 -Shooting Percentage: .592

LaMarcus Aldridge- Minutes: 38.6- Points: 20.8- Rebounds: 7.9 – Shooting Percentage: .459

Al Jefferson- Minutes: 33.3- Points: 16.7- Rebounds: 10.5 -Shooting Percentage: .472

The list clearly shows that Love, Randolph, Howard, Aldridge and Jefferson are all having better statistical seasons. The All-Star game is mainly about stats and Griffin simply does not have the numbers of his competitors. Love, Randolph, Aldridge and Jefferson are all the top players on their team, while Howard is the best center in the league, but Griffin is clearly the beta to teammate Chris Paul. If you look past basic statistics and want to look at his complete affect on the team, Griffin is also trailing all players on this list in PER, other than Aldridge.

However, the biggest negative on Griffin, is that he is averaging career lows in minutes (-3.6 from career averages), points (-3.8 from career averages), rebounds (-2.3 from career averages), free throw attempts (- 2.6) from career averages), shot attempts (-2.0 from career averages) and is shooting 3.6% worse than last season.

Blake Griffin has been less effective, efficient and used than in years past, has not played up to the level of his peers, still plays horrible defense and should not be an All-Star this year. Of course the All-Star game is a popularity contest, and he is one of the most popular players in the league, but going on stats, both basic and advanced, he is not an All-Star this year and instead of being rewarded for regressing, he should be focused on improving.

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