Toronto Raptors: Why The Raptors Need Greivis Vasquez

Toronto Raptors: Why The Raptors Need Greivis Vasquez

By Mike Elworth: Owner and Publisher/Hoopstuff…

The Raptors made their 1st offseason priority known when they gave a contract extension to their head coach Dwayne Casey. Their 2nd priority is resigning their 2nd best player Kyle Lowry and After they resign Lowry to a contract at 4 seasons and between 36-44 million, they should turn their focus on resigning their 2nd string point guard Greivis Vasquez.

Vasquez is more than just a reserve point guard, he is an elite level sixth man. He is one of the better distributors in the NBA, a very solid scorer and has proven that he can also be a starting point guard in the NBA, while with the Kings and Pelicans. With Lowry able to play on and off the ball, they can go into an excellent offensive 3 guard unit along with All Star DeMar DeRozan, which is their best offensive group.

Vasquez had difficulty adjusting to Toronto once he was traded to the Raptors in the Rudy Gay deal, however, he worked his way into being a big part of the rotation and in the playoffs averaged about 10 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists on 42.2 percent shooting from the field, 37.0 percent 3 point shooting and 77.8 percent shooting from the stripe in 27.1 minutes per game.

Vasquez can be an elite sixth man and if they want to become contenders, they need one, as well as strong depth and therefore they would be wise to resign him. Because he is a restricted free agent they have the right to match any deal given to him by a team and as few teams will spend premium cap space on a restricted free agent who is a borderline starter, means that they can dictate the market for him and he won’t come at a premium cost. They can and should resign Greivis Vasquez to a contract of 3 seasons and 10-15 million dollars.

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