A Space Saving Toaster Oven For Your Small Kitchen

A Space Saving Toaster Oven For Your Small Kitchen

Not everyone has the luxury of having a palatial kitchen with seemingly endless counter space. Most of us, myself included, have very limited room in which to operate in our kitchens. Counter space is sparse so finding the right appliances to fit and function in tight quarters is at a premium. If you fall into that category, then the Breville BOV450XL might be the perfect countertop oven for your home. While it may be small in stature, it more than makes up for in style and cooking prowess. Just because you do not have a lot of room does not mean that you have to sacrifice the ability to cook something fast that tastes like it came out of your full sized oven.

Do I Really Need A Toaster Oven?

This is something that gets asked a lot, and they answer is twofold. “No” having one of these in the kitchen is not a necessity if you already have a full sized conventional oven. However, there are a number of appealing advantages to adding this appliance to your kitchen arsenal. First, is that it is more convenient. Bigger ovens require more time to preheat while a smaller toaster oven can drastically reduce that requirement. Second, you will end up spending less energy while your oven operates. The smaller interior of a toaster oven means that you may be able to cook your recipes at slightly faster speeds reducing your energy consumption. You will end up saving in the end. These ovens are also easier to clean for another bonus reason.

Breville Mini Smart Oven

The BOV450XL is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy a small toaster oven for their home. This model has been out for awhile but it is still perhaps the top small toaster oven that you can buy. When looking at some of the top oven options it is clear to see why the BOV450XL performs so well in the kitchen. Below are just some of the features that make this oven so highly coveted by users.

Advanced Cooking Technology

Breville does a wonderful job with their line of ovens of implementing their Element IQ cooking technology. This uses quartz elements to provide the heat and it automatically will adjust the time and temperature based on the food being cooked and the chosen setting. This where the “smart” comes into play with their smart ovens. This helps produce evenly cooked food every time. Whether you are baking cookies, doing a casserole, or cooking a chicken, this oven can give you food that is done on all sides to perfection. Taking the guesswork out of your dinner is one of this ovens best features.

Modern Controls

The BOV450XL also has a very cool LCD display and knobs that are easy to navigate. The dial lets you choose between 8 different preset cooking functions for the ultimate versatility. They are quite easy to read and understand and they also contribute to the ovens futuristic design.


This is the smallest of Breville’s ovens and it can fit up to 4 slices of bread for reference. It is also big enough for an 11 inch pizza. While you won’t be able to prepare meals for a large dinner party, it is a decent size for one or two people to enjoy a nice home cooked meal. One of the advantages of its smaller size is the tiny footprint it will take up on your counter. This is why this oven is so popular in dorm rooms and small kitchens with limited countertop space.

Easy To Clean

Another important aspect that every toaster oven should boast is being a breeze to clean. It has a non stick coating on the inside of the oven that can be wiped down with a damp rag. While there has been a little controversy over the safety of non stick coatings in appliances, it does have an advantage when it comes to ease of cleaning.

It is also built with a front accessible tray where crumbs and food particles collect that is easy to access and wipe clean. It stainless steel construction also lends itself to easy maintenance.


For a toaster oven with all of these modern features it is also reasonably priced. You should be able to find it online for around $150. It may sound a bit steep for such a small countertop oven, but it still will give you excellent value it is worth every penny in our opinion.

Making Better Use Of Your Space

This Breville oven is a wonderful replacement for a lot of what you use your full sized oven while cooking. Even in the tiniest of kitchens, we would recommend that you somehow find a way to make room on the counter for this little powerhouse.

The BOV450XL is rated as Gourmet Worrier’s best small countertop oven for 2019. Its benefits far outweigh the real estate it may take up and it can offer you a more convenient way to make freshly prepared meals and better utilize your favorite recipes. This is one modern oven that should give you years of satisfied performance until you can upgrade to that bigger kitchen that you have always wanted.