Sacramento Kings: Soon to be the Seattle Supersonics?

This must be a very difficult week for fans of the Sacramento Kings. Rumors are swelling that the hated Maloof Brothers, who are the owners of their beloved team, are finally going to sell the Kings, which has long been wanted in Sacramento. However, with the potential buyers based in Seattle, it seems that there is a good chance that the team will move to Seattle, to become the Seattle Supersonics. This would be a huge blow to the fans, who have been extremely loyal for years.

When it comes to those in Seattle, they must be ecstatic that their Sonics may be coming back to them. The Thunder may be thriving, but they never should have left Seattle in the first place. David Stern has always said that a team could go back to Seattle and with the buyers being from Seattle, everything seems in place for the NBA to go back to the state of Washington. Even better, is that Clay Bennett, who owns the Seattle Supersonics name and logo, would freely give them back to the city, if Seattle regained a team. It looks like the Sacramento Kings will soon become the Seattle Supersonics version 2.0.

Emotions are running high on both sides and Sacramento fans may feel the betrayal that Seattle fans felt when the Sonics left for Oklahoma. The difference is that the city of Sacramento and David Stern were both trying extremely hard to keep the team, while in the Supersonics’ case, many still believe that David Stern privately colluded with Bennett to move to Oklahoma City, instead of doing everything they could to keep the team in Seattle. Of course those are just conspiracy theories and there is no changing the past, but as for the future, it seems that the fans of the Sonics will finally get their team back.

It is always hard for a team to leave a city, but it is looking like the Kings may be on the move. They have been an embarrassment for years, but they simply are not making money, getting attendance and cannot complete a new arena deal. The Kings will either stay or go and it is now completely up to a group of ridiculously wealthy people to decide what happens. However, right now, things look bleak in Sacramento and promising in Seattle.

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