New York Knicks: Carmelo Anthony is the MVP this Season

New York Knicks: Carmelo Anthony For MVP

Everybody who knows the NBA, knows that Lebron James is the best player in the league. That is not up for debate, it is simply a fact. However, the MVP award should not just go to the best player in the league, but to the player who has the biggest impact on his team at large. Lebron has Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh beside him every game, to help carry the Heat and they will most likely both be All-Stars this season. However, Carmelo will be the only All-Star for the Knicks, who happen to have the second best record in the Eastern Conference. This does not mean that he is doing everything alone, but there are no stars next to him, just valuable role players. If Lebron was not on the Heat, they would still win 50 games this season, but if Anthony was not on the Knicks, they would be fighting to win 30. That is value and why Carmelo Anthony should be this season’s MVP.

For years people have been claiming that Carmelo is a one trick pony, an exceptional talent, who will score a lot of points but not lead his team to playoff success. In the past he was a ball-hog, who did not play defense and was simply immature on and off the court. This seems to be behind him, as he has become a leader, has become a decent defender and is constantly getting his teammates involved. It is not just the improvements in his weaker areas that has made this season such a success, but his improved efficiency in his scoring. He is averaging a career high 29 points per game, which is second in the NBA, but he is shooting far better from the field, from the three point line and the free throw line than last year. He is also no longer costing his team wins by shooting his team out of games. He has been efficient, unselfish and incredibly effective.

For the first time in his career, he seems to be completely devoted to his coach’s system and game plan. He is playing within a structured offense, trying on defense and doing everything he can to will his team to victories. Mike Woodson has done an incredible job getting through to Anthony and the team has done an incredible job putting the right pieces around him, but the improvements in his entire game and even his demeanor are incredible. Carmelo Anthony has been the league’s MVP this year, leading his team to victories, shooting at an incredibly effective rate, while becoming a better team-player. He has brought the magic back to Madison Square Garden and the chorus of MVP chants whenever he is at the free throw line, should be heard by the voters, as he has been the NBA’s most valuable player. He may not be as good as Lebron, but his value to his team is second to none. He has made leaps and bounds since his days in the Mile High and has finally reached his immense potential and learned what it takes to win. For these reasons he should be the league’s MVP for the 2012-13 campaign.


  1. I thank carmelo is the best I’m an die hard fan of carmelo he’s been keeping his team together I watch every newyork games carmelo hope I can meet you one day keep up the hard work

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