New York Knicks: 4 Reasons Why They Can Still Make The Postseason

New York Knicks: 5 Reasons Why They Can Still Make The Postseason

By Mike Samuels: Staff Writer at Hoopstuff…Twitter @steeler_mike/@nflpanther_roar

So far the Knicks have a  starting record of 4-13. With all of the trading, drafting and moves that were made, the Knicks at this point are not a good team, but here are 4 reasons why I believe that the Knicks will turn things around and make the postseason and it doesn’t involve Carmelo Anthony taking 40 shots per game.

1. Coach Mike Woodson is a very meticulous coach and he will mix the new pieces with the old and find  the right combination for the Knicks to win. He will have to be the voice of reason and keep everyone together or the season will be a bust.

2. J.R. Smith is one of those rare players who can elevate his game to match the level of his competition and carry his team single-handedly to victories. Even in his role coming off the bench, Smith was a big reason why the Knicks got as far as they did last year and he should start to play better.

3. Tyson Chandler is a tenacious defender and should return to his All Star caliber play when he returns.  He plays as an enforcer on both sides of the court, is an elite defender, a leader and a strong rebounder. Once he returns he will return to his leadership role which should help this team function better.

4. The team should come together and learn to trust one another and realize that to win they have to be one as a team. Team play is what wins championships and I believe that the “TEAM” will come together and make the playoffs.

5. The East is porous and they are only a few games away from playoff contention as of today and they are also better than every team between them and the 8th seed.




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