Memphis Grizzlies: Ask More For Rudy Gay

The Memphis Grizzlies and the Toronto Raptors are currently engaged in trade talks regarding the Grizzlies’ high priced, but extremely talented, small forward, Rudy Gay. The talks have revolved around Jose Calderon and his expiring contract along with talented power forward, Ed Davis, for Gay. However the Grizzlies do not want Calderon and are currently looking for another team to complete the deal, by taking Calderon and sending additional assets to Memphis. But another team is not needed, as the Raptors have the pieces to make a straight up deal and the Grizzlies should demand more from them, if they are to part with their leading scorer and All-Star caliber forward.

The best trade for the Grizzlies would be Calderon’s expiring contract and rookie Terrence Ross. Calderon could help their second unit, which was already poor, but after trading away half of their bench in a cap saving move with Cleveland, they could use a player of Calderon’s caliber off of their bench and they could certainly use his 11 million expiring deal. Ross is exactly what the Grizzlies need, a pure scorer and shooter to come off the bench and give them a scoring punch. Without Gay, if their All-Star big man duo of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol struggle on offense, they cannot win and need a go-to player on the perimeter, which Ross could become someday. If the Raptors add Gay, they will play him and Demar Derozan on the perimeter for 35 plus minutes per game each and Ross will receive even less playing time then he is already getting. Ross is one of the best talents in the draft and the Grizzlies should demand him in return.

Ross has not been mentioned in any rumors, but if they are smart they should press for him and see if the Raptors will budge. If not, then push for someone else, but do not settle for pennies on the dollar. The Raptors want Rudy Gay and the Grizzlies know this, so they need to push as hard as they can for whatever they can get and they can certainly do better than Ed Davis and cap relief.

It is still hard to believe that an actual title contender is considering trading their best scorer, but they are a small market team, who simply refuse to pay luxury taxes. It looks like trading Rudy Gay and his massive contract is the way they want to go, but if that is the case, then they must be smart and ask for the moon and not settle. If Toronto does not budge, then move on and find another team to make a deal with, because Rudy Gay is too talented, not to get Memphis a substantial package in a deal. They may have to trade Gay for cap reasons, but they do not have to take the first offer that comes and they should wait for a deal that will help them now and in the many years that follow the trade.

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