James Harden and Other Possible First Time All-Stars

James Harden- Houston Rockets

– Well the Harden trade for Houston could not have gone better, as he is fifth in the league in scoring and he is now the star they have wanted since Yao retired. He is also averaging over four assists and rebounds per game, while leading his team to wins. Nobody thought that this team had a chance to make the playoffs, but at around .500 they have a shot and that is mainly because of Harden. The Beard should without a doubt make his first All-Star Game this year and will play in front of his new home crowd in Houston.

Joakim Noah- Chicago Bulls

Without Dwight Howard and Andrew Bogut in the East, the title of the conference’s top center is up for grabs. After a fantastic season from Roy Hibbert last year, most expected him to take up the mantle, but he is struggling massively this year and it looks like Noah may be the top center in the East. Scoring at a career high level, while adding 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, excellent passing and his usual fantastic energy and defense, Noah has become a fantastic two-way player. Others may score more, but no center in the East does more to help his team win. The only thing that could deny him entrance is the league getting rid of the center position on the ballot and just having a big man in general take the spot. Even if he does not get voted in, coaches should acknowledge his excellent play and put him in the All-Star game.

Rudy Gay- Memphis Grizzlies

Rudy Gay is the highest scoring player on the team with the league’s top record, which in and of itself should make him an All-Star. He may not be the team’s best player, that would be Zach Randolph, but he has been great and deserves to be in the game. He has drastically improved his perimeter shooting and has become a complete offensive player, but as the top option on the league’s top team, he should be an All-Star this year.

Serge Ibaka- Oklahoma City Thunder

It is unlikely that the Thunder will have three All-Stars, as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are basically locks to make it. However Ibaka is once again leading the league in blocks and playing elite defense and he has progressed significantly on offense, averaging 15 points per game. He has a fantastic mid-range shot and has improved his post skills and has become better than anyone imagined. He is also rebounding at a career high level and is shooting an amazing 59 percent.  With his all around brilliance, he deserves to be an All-Star this season.

Al Jefferson- Utah Jazz

– Jefferson is the best player on a Jazz team that looks to be playoff bound and after years of barely missing out in the All-Star game, this could finally be his year. He is averaging his usual fantastic stats and is leading his team to wins, which could easily earn him a trip to Houston.

Jrue Holliday- Philadelphia 76ers

– Holliday has finally become the player the 76ers hoped he would become when they drafted him in the first round in 2009 and he has easily made the 76ers 40 million dollar investment they just made look great. He has become the 76ers best player, leading them to a winning record without Andre Iguodala in town and with Andrew Bynum injured. He deserves consideration and has been one of the better players in the East and could easily make the East team.

Brook Lopez- Brooklyn Nets

– Brook Lopez is the highest scoring center in the East at nearly 19 points per game and is actually the Nets leading scorer over Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. He has also improved his horrible rebounding numbers from the last two years at almost seven per game and is averaging over 2 blocks per game. He deserves to be an All-Star this se

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