HoopStuff’s 2013 NBA Mock Draft- Mike E

HoopStuff’s 2013 NBA Mock Draft

By Mike Elworth: Hoopstuff Owner and Publisher

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- C- Nerlens Noel- Kentucky

– The Cavs once again have the first overall pick and will most likely draft the defensive star out of Kentucky, Noel. Noel would instantly boost their poor defense and he should become the backbone of their defense for years to come. Do not count out a trade.

2. Orlando Magic- Trey Burke- PG- Michigan

– Burke may not have the ceiling of Chris Paul, but he is as close of a sure thing in the draft as there is. He is a gifted scorer, passer and leader who should become a day one starter for the Magic, who need a young franchise point guard. Burke could become their best player as a rookie and their franchise player going forward.

3. Washington Wizards- Otto Porter Jr.- SF- Georgetown

– The Wizards need a small forward in the worst way and Porter Jr. would start from day one, be a defensive presence on the perimeter and give them solid offense as a rookie. Moving forward, he can become an elite two way player and along with John Wall and Bradley Beal, would become the team’s foundation. Porter Jr., is also a local, so that gives the pick even further merit for these Wizards and would make him instantly loved by the Wizards’ loyal fan-base.

4. Charlotte Bobcats- Anthony Bennett- PF- UNLV

– The Bobcats need someone up front who can score the ball and Bennett is arguably the top offensive big man in the draft. He can score inside and outside and could become their go-to option down low as a rookie. Anthony Bennett is also an excellent athlete and rebounder and could be their best player within two years. The Bobcats may have lost the lottery, but they will still pick up a big time talent to help turn their franchise around, which is badly needed for the Charlotte Bobcats.

5. Phoenix Suns: Ben McLemore- SG- Kansas

– McLemore has the elite offensive skills and if he ever becomes more aggressive, he could be a star. The Suns are desperate for any semblance of scoring from the perimeter and he could easily become their top option as a rookie. He has an elite mixture of shooting abilities and athleticism and would instantly be their most talented player, but his success early on, is all based on his on the court intensity.

6. New Orleans Pelicans- Alex Len- C- Maryland

– Len is a load of a man and a very gifted post player offensively. He is very smooth on offense and has the talent to become one of the better post players in the NBA. He is also a plus rebounder and with his size, he has a chance to block the paint on defense. He has excellent upside and along with Anthony Davis, who is an incredible defender and a future star, who is also capable of scoring 16+ points per game, the Pelicans could have a dominant frontcourt within two years.

7. Sacramento Kings: Michael Carter-Williams- G- Syracuse

– MCW is the most talented distributor in this draft, an excellent athlete and huge for a point guard and if he ever learns how to shoot, he could be a star. A pass first point guard is exactly what the Kings need and he could really change the selfish attitude on the team.

8. Detroit Pistons- Victor Oladipo- SG- Indiana

– Oladipo would step right into the lineup at shooting guard, immediately becoming their best perimeter defender and go to scorer on the wing. He could be a star at shooting guard and it is their biggest position of need.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves- CJ McCollum- SG- Lehigh

–  The Timberwolves need someone who can score the ball on the perimeter and although McCollum may be undersized, he is arguably the top scorer in the draft and at the very worst, is an elite sixth man.

10. Portland Trailblazers– Cody Zeller- C/F- Indiana

– The Trailblazers may lose JJ Hickson and will need another big body down low and although Len may be a purer center prospect, Zeller can easily play both positions and is a better fit for this team. Whether as a starter or a backup, he would be an excellent addition to the Trailblazers and would provide them with another needed offensive weapon in the post.

11. Philadelphia 76ers- Shabazz Muhammad- SG/SF- UCLA

– Evan Turner is a very nice offensive player, but he does not have the elite scoring talents of Muhammad, who could become one of the highest scoring players in this draft and in the NBA if he continues to develop. He could score over 20 points per game over seasons and could be the needed go-to player on the perimeter that the offensively challenged 6ers team lacks.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Toronto)- Kelly Olynk- C- Gonzaga

– Olynk could instantly become their best offensive big man in the post, which is all that needs to be said about this fit. This is the best scenario for the Thunder.

13. Dallas Mavericks- Gorgui Dieng- C- Louisville

– Dieng is a fabulous athlete and defender and is also a capable short range jump shooter and finisher and could be the starting center and defensive backbone this team needs. If he was not already 24, he would be a top 10 pick.

14. Utah Jazz- Shane Larkin- PG- Miami

– The Jazz need a point guard and many may see this as a reach, but Larkin was one of the 5 best players in the nation and other than Burke, the best point guard. He may be undersized, but he can score in a variety of ways and get his teammates involved. He is a sparkplug and could have a huge effect as a starting point guard and at the very worst, is an excellent backup and scorer off the bench.

15. Milwaukee Bucks- Kantavious Caldwell Pope- SG/SF- University of Georgia

– The Bucks’ top three guards, who are their top three scorers are all free agents and they will probably lose 1 or 2 of them and so they will need a scorer to step in and Pope is one of the best in the draft in that regard and could start for the Bucks as a rookie.

16. Boston Celtics: Mason Plumlee- C- Duke

-A true center, who can move Garnett back to power forward and whose athleticism and offense would be a fantastic fit in Boston.

17. Atlanta Hawks: Steven Adams- C- Pitt

– An elite defensive prospect and a very solid rebounder, who could become a starting NBA center and would play for a team  that could use a long-term 5 to move Horford to PF.

18. Atlanta Hawks: (From Houston)- Dario Saric- F- Croatia

–  The Hawks need a small forward and Saric is the top international player in the draft and could become an excellent offensive player and a long term starter.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Allen Crabbe- SG- California

– The Cavaliers could use an elite bench scorer and Crabbe has the ability to be a top notch sixth man and was one of the top scorers in the nation.

20. Chicago Bulls- Jeff Withey- C- Kansas

– This would be Omer Asik’s replacement. Withey would be the Bulls’ needed backup center and with an improved offensive game, could be a huge contributor as early as next year and could be their third big man, when Carlos Boozer inevitably leaves. He fits the bill as a Chicago Bulls type of player.

21. Utah Jazz (From GSW)- Jamaal Franklin- G- San Diego St.

– An elite scorer, who could become a starter for the Jazz on the perimeter, where they have next to nothing.

22. Brooklyn Nets – Rudy Gobert- PF- France

– Gobert is tall and wiry and a gifted scorer, just like Andre Blatche, who they may lose in free agency, which would make this an excellent fit.

23. Indiana Pacers- Tim Hardaway- SG- Michigan

– An elite athlete, scorer and an excellent shooter Hardaway could become a much needed elite sixth man backing up Stephenson and George.

24. New York Knicks- Deshaun Thomas- Forward- Ohio State

– An elite scorer, whose offensive style would work very well in New York and he could be a big-time scorer off the bench.

25. Los Angeles Clippers- Myck Kabongo- PG- Texas

– They will probably trade Eric Bledsoe in the off-season and will need a replacement and Kabongo is a sparkplug who could run the second unit and put up big points.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis)- Tony Mitchell- SF- N Texas

– Mitchell can score and defend and could actually become a starter for the Timberwolves, if they lose Andre Kirilenko in free agency, but he would make a top notch backup if Kirilenko stays..

27. Denver Nuggets- Pierre Jackson- PG- Baylor

– A scoring guard, who could add even more bench scoring to Denver and replace Andre Miller as the team’s backup point guard within a year, Brown is a solid fit. Denver utilizes a two point guard set as much as any team in the NBA, so finding a future replacement for Miller is very important.

28. San Antonio Spurs- Lucas Norgueira- C- Brazil

– A high potential big man, Norgueira could be another foreign find for the San Antonio Spurs, who could use a quality depth up front, especially with Tiago Splitter and DeJuan Blair free agents.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder- Reggie Bullock- SG/SF- UNC

– An excellent shooter and team player, Bullock would fit in beautifully in Oklahoma City and is ready to play right away, even on a contender and could finally be the backup Kevin Durant needs, so that he may rest more.

30. Phoenix Suns (From MIA and CLE and LAL)- Sergey Karasev- G/SF- Russia

– Karasev is already playing pro ball at a very high level and is NBA ready and is an offensive weapon, who can make plays and score the ball. The Suns need as much help as they can on the wing and he would be a very nice addition and could make the rotation as a rookie, which is all that can be asked with the final pick in round one.

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