Golden State Warriors: Jarrett Jack The League’s Second Best Reserve


Nobody makes a fuss about who is the second best of anything in the NBA, as everyone always talks about who is the top dog, but there are some times when second best is still incredible. There is no doubt that Jamal Crawford has been the best reserve in the NBA this season, leading the Clippers’ second unit. This is not up for debate, but Jarrett Jack, of the Golden State Warriors has been by far the second best backup and deserves recognition for his amazing play.

With a fantastic stat line of 13.6 points, 3.2 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game, Jack has been invaluable to the Warriors’ success. His 5.9 assists are the most of any reserve in the league and it is not just his stats that make him so valuable to the Warriors, it is his leadership and ability to move star point guard, Stephen Curry off the ball. Stephen Curry is one of the premier point guards in the NBA, but with Jack in control of the offense when they play together, Curry is able to get constant open looks, as teams have to pay attention to Jack. It does not matter how solid you are with the ball in your hands, if you are the best shooter in the NBA and you get the opportunity to play off the ball and get open jump shots every game, you become even more valuable. This two point guard lineup gives the Warriors two distributors, play makers and scorers and makes the Warriors unstoppable on offense.

Crawford may get all of the attention and will most likely take home his second Sixth Man of the Year award, as he deserves it, but that does not take away how brilliant Jack has been this season. He will not get the trophy or take the glory and ten years from now, nobody will remember how valuable Jack was to the Warriors in 2012-13, but Warriors fans know just how important Jarrett Jack has been and he absolutely deserves recognition of being the second best reserve in the NBA this season.

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