Boston Celtics: Time to Sell. But not Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce.

With the recent news that Boston Celtics’ power forward, Jared Sullinger will be out for the rest of the season, joining superstar point guard, Rajon Rondo, all hope of contention is lost. They could make a big trade to acquire talent, but it would cost all of their valuable pieces and long-term cap space, which is why Rudy Gay is not in Boston and why Josh Smith will not be in green either. With a healthy Rajon Rondo, along with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, they could have made noise in the playoffs, but with Rondo and Sullinger (who is their second best big man) out of the picture, they would be wise to sell and rebuild. No, this does not mean trading Garnett, Rondo or Pierce, but almost anyone else, if it means adding better fitting pieces. Despite popular thinking, their All-Star trio can still win a championship, if they add the right pieces.

There are trade rumors everywhere on the internet for Pierce and Garnett, but they are not going to trade Pierce, one of the all-time great Celtics, unless they get a star player in return (which is not happening). Pierce and Garnett have both aged well enough that they should be able to keep up their borderline All-Star play for at least a few more years. Pierce never relied on athleticism and is still as skilled as ever and should continue to score, rebound and distribute well into his 30s. Garnett has learned to play without elite athleticism for years now, but is still a tenacious defender and rebounder and is still an excellent jump shooter and post player. Simply put, their games have aged well and should continue to in the next few seasons. A healthy Rondo and an aging Garnett and Pierce can still be the centerpiece of a championship team.

They should keep their Big Three, Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger (who are both proving to be long-term starters) and trade anyone else to try and make a title run next year. They tried to add pieces last summer, but they have not worked out well. Courtney Lee has been a bust signing, Jeff Green has been inconsistent and Jason Terry is not playing to the level that he is capable of. There have been rumors that Lee and Terry are on the block and could both easily be traded, as they still have value and have relatively fair contracts. If they are able to move any of these three players for young talent and cap room, they should.

Instead of blowing things up, the Celtics would be wise to keep their core, lose future pay roll and add assets, to solidify their future, a future that should include Garnett and Pierce. There is no reason to trade Garnett and Pierce, who are still playing at elite levels and are aging beautifully, as well as Rondo, who is the best pure distributor in the NBA and the key to the Celtics future success. Let Garnett and Pierce play out their contracts, add to the core, get Rondo healthy and see if they can win another title, as they were just one game away from the NBA Finals last year. There is no need for panic, despite this season being lost, as they can still win down the line, if they make the right moves to improve around their aging core.

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