2013 NBA Mock Draft (Take 4)


* Draft order based on predicted final standings.

1. Charlotte Bobcats- Ben McLemore- SG- Kansas

– McLemore is now the number one player on most experts’ boards, as he is an elite athlete and shooter. He would be a perfect fit in Charlotte, as they are starved for offense and McLemore could be a star, if he becomes more aggressive.

2. Orlando Magic- Marcus Smart- PG- Oregon State

– Smart is a star caliber point guard, who is an elite competitor and defender. His game is not a finished product, as he must become a better shooter and learn how to run an offense like a true floor general, but he is an excellent leader with an incredible motor who could be the best player in this draft class.

3. Phoenix Suns- Shabazz Muhammad- G/F- UCLA

– Muhammad may be the best overall offensive player in the draft and is a fantastic athlete, with major upside and intangibles. Phoenix needs a perimeter scorer and a go-to player and Muhammad could become that immediately for Phoenix, who are in desperate need for star power.

4. New Orleans Hornets- Otto Porter Jr.- SF- Georgetown

– An elite two-way prospect, Porter can defend anyone and take over a game on offense if needed. The Hornets also need an upgrade at the three, which makes this an easy pick.

5. Washington Wizards- Nerlens Noel- C- Kentucky

– Torn ACL or not, Noel is still a top 5 pick and is a defensive stud. Noel would give the Wizards exactly what they need, a defensive stopper down low, to go along with the offense of Wall and Beal.

6. Sacramento Kings- Michael Carter Williams- PG- Syracuse

– The best passing point guard in the nation going to the Kings, sign them up. He is an incredible athlete who is a jump shot away from being a star point guard.

7. Cleveland Cavaliers- Alex Len- C- Maryland

– Len would give the Cavs the go-to inside scorer they are so desperate for. His game reminds many of Cavs’ legend Zydrunas Ilgauskas, so Len could become the next franchise center for the Cavs, that they have needed since he retired. A perfect fit for the Cavaliers.

8. Detroit Pistons- Victor Oladipo- SG- Indiana

– Oladipo is an elite defender and athlete and has become a dynamic scorer, able to shoot from deep and get to the hoop with ease. He could become one of the best defensive players in the NBA.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves- Gary Harris- SG- Michigan State

– A much needed potential starting shooting guard for the Timberwolves, but Harris needs to develop a three point shot to be completely effective at the next level and not just rely on his athleticism and ability to score at the hoop.

10. Philadelphia 76ers- Anthony Bennett- PF- UNLV

– Bennett is the top offensive big man in the draft. If he was taller he would probably be the first overall pick, which is incredible value for the 76ers, who could use a starting power forward in the worst way.

11. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Toronto)- Cody Zeller- C- Indiana

– An excellent inside scorer, Zeller would be a perfect fit in OKC and could fill their biggest need, which is a go-to inside scorer. He could actually start for them as a rookie, which would be incredibly impressive for a lottery pick on a championship level team.

12. Dallas Mavericks- Mason Plumlee- C- Duke

– Plumlee is an incredible athlete and scorer and can be a strong starting center in the NBA. Plumlee’s power game would go very well with Dirk Nowitzki’s finesse game. He is NBA ready and could start immediately for the Mavericks, who need a long-term center.

13. Portland Trailblazers – CJ McCollum- SG- Lehigh

– The Trailblazers have the worst bench in the league and adding one of the nation’s top scorers to be their sixth man, would be an incredible fit.

14. Utah Jazz- Trey Burke- PG- Michigan

– The Jazz need a point guard and Burke is an excellent scorer and facilitator and could start from day one.

15. Milwaukee Bucks- SG- Archie Goodwin- SG- Kentucky

– A tall, pure shooting guard is the best route to go for the Bucks with Ellis leaving in the off-season and if they sign Jennings long-term, then they will have their backcourt of the future.

16. Los Angeles Lakers: James Michael McAdoo- F- UNC

– An athletic scorer, who would be natural fit as a stretch four in Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

17. Houston Rockets- Jamaal Franklin- SG- San Diego State

– The Rockets need guard depth and scoring off of the bench and Franklin would be an excellent addition to their already fantastic offense.

18. Boston Celtics- Willie Cauley-Stein- C- Kentucky

– A fantastic rebound and a gifted offensive player, Cauley-Stein would add needed to depth to the Celtics’ frontcourt and a possible starting center.

19. Atlanta Hawks- Alex Poythress- SF- Kentucky

– A talented two-way forward, Poythress could be their long-term answer at small forward, which is needed.

20. Utah Jazz (From GSW)- Dario Saric- SF- Croatia

– The top foreign prospect in this year’s draft, Saric could add needed bench scoring off of their bench as a rookie

21. Brooklyn Nets – Steven Adams- C- Pittsburgh

– An elite post defender and rebounder, Adams would be the perfect backup to Lopez and finally give them the backup center they need.

22. Chicago Bulls- Jeff Withey- C- Kansas

– This would be Omer Asik’s replacement. Withey would be the Bulls needed backup center and with an improved offensive game, could be a huge contributor as early as next year and could be their third big man, when Carlos Boozer inevitably leaves.

23. Denver Nuggets-Lorenzo Brown- PG- NC State

– A scoring guard, who could add even more bench scoring to Denver and replace Andre Miller as the team’s backup point guard within a year.

24. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Mem)- Isaiah Austin- PF/C- Baylor

– Frontcourt depth and added scoring down low would be nice for the Timberwolves and Austin would be a huge upgrade as their third big man.

25. Indian Pacers- Le’Bryan Nash – SF- Oklahoma State

– A top of the line athlete who could provide needed depth on the perimeter and provide scoring and defense off of the bench, Nash is a perfect fit.

26. New York Knicks- Kelly Olynyk- C- Gonzaga

– An excellent offensive center to go with Chandler’s defense, Olynyk would be a fantastic fit in New York.

27. Los Angeles Clippers- Rudy Gobert- PF- France

– A high potential offensive big man from France, Gobert could give the Clippers a scoring punch off the bench and possibly give them their much needed third big man in the rotation.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder- Tony Mitchell- SF- North Texas

– A talented two-way player, Mitchell could become the long-needed backup to Kevin Durant.

29. Cleveland Cavaliers (from MIA)- Glen Robinson III- Michigan

– A fantastic athlete, Robinson III could become their starting small forward and would be an upgrade over Alonzo Gee.

30. San Antonio Spurs- Patric Young- C- Florida

– An excellent passer, rebounder and defender, Young seems like a Spurs type of player, who would provide needed bench depth.



  1. If Lakers make the playoffs (the #16 pick would indicate this) the Cavs have the right to swap their second first rounder (from Miami) with LA. The Cavs will take the higher of the two picks which will be the Lakers pick at 16 and would give the Lakers the #29 in your scenario. If they miss the playoffs, it goes to the Suns.

  2. Yep and along those lines, if the Cavs do get the Lakers pick at 16 and they have already taken Len, I think they go with Poythress there over McAdoo. I think Saric might come into play also.

  3. Like your mock. One of the better ones I’ve seen. However, I think Steven Adams will stay in school and be a lotto pick in 14. I feel that Kelly Olynyk will be taken before the 26th pick ( Knicks would love to grab him) ,and L. Nash will not land in the first round ( either early 2nd round or stay in school ) ….just my opinion .

  4. If the Trailblazers are picking outside of the top 12 then the pick goes to the Bobcats due to the Gerald Wallace trade.

    • hoopstuff says:

      Thanks Joe, there are so many trades that it is very hard to keep track of them all. Thanks for the read.

  5. Marcus Smart doesn’t play for Oregon State fyi

  6. Triple Doble says:

    Excellent mock! Congratulations! I believe (every day) that the Utah Jazz will draft Dario Saric. If they do, would lack three things:

    1 – Fire Corbin and bring a real coach.

    2 – Be patient and draft a PG in the right time.

    3 – Trade Al Jefferson and (only if really necessary) Paul Millsap to get a player in this draft, and especially to acquire a 2014 strong pick.

    4 – Start the youngs to pursue the First Championship.

    The Jazz organization deserves.

  7. I have been saying for weeks now that the Bulls will draft Jeff Whitey and gave K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune a heads up :-)

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